Services & Director

Music Placement Services: MPS develops standalone audio into YOUR original music score, using powerful digital processing of course. While the customer is largely in control, the process is collaborative. Music and sounds are ‘pinned’ in support of, and to enhance the mood of your motion picture scenes: be that warm or unsettling harmony; repetitive or variable rhythm & pulse. It’s all empathetic to your visual work, and the template we create is adaptable during its life in production; and will accommodate and allow for revisions and editing.

Matthew Hodgins: Director, Producer & Composer has a degree from University College London, he has worked with several ‘million selling Music Producers’; and has done 5 official performances at Glastonbury Festival! In ADDITION to composition and placement, he is an Artist Teacher at Vancouver Biennale; and (alongside the most successful drummers on earth) he has been a presenter on Drumeo! Matthew’s drive is the infinite realm of Rhythm and Layering, and he has establish an uncanny method for using both real and virtual instruments with “Euphoric” results [See The MPS Library].

This website was established recently, and is expanding and developing! Check back for updates.